Monday, 29 September 2014

Jason Paul Charvat: 95 Percent Success Rate

Jason Paul Charvat is a highly experienced, highly qualified global IT Project Executive    who is hired by company clients that require a manager in order to ensure the overall completion success of prospective projects. According to survey completed by one of the largest auditing groups in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, companies that use project management strategies to complete projects see a much higher success rate than companies that don't establish clear goals. At Johnson & Johnson, Jason Paul Charvat does just that.

Jason Paul Charvat is currently the Senior Global IT Project Executive    for Johnson & Johnson in Jacksonville, Florida. He currently works within the Medical Device and Diagnostic division and has held his position since 2007. He is responsible for the overseeing of projects in order to ensure they get completed in the time allotted for them and on the specific budget set aside. Jason Paul Charvat has 95 percent on time and on-budget success rate at Johnson & Johnson and was recognized for his excellent services with a Johnson & Johnson Standards of Leadership award.

Jason Paul Charvat has been with the company since 2003 beginning as the Senior Program Manager. His duties were similar in regards to his current position, but instead of working in the Medical Device and Diagnostic division, he was in charge of overseeing projects concerning infrastructure and application development. He had a 92 percent success rate. As the Senior Global Manager, not only does Jason Paul Charvat have a 95 percent success rate, but he was also able to lower the spending rate of the division by 10 percent.