Monday, 13 October 2014

Jason Paul Charvat: Senior Program Manager

Jason Paul Charvat is a highly experienced, highly qualified global IT Project Executive    who is hired by company clients that require a manager in order to ensure the overall completion success of prospective projects. According to survey completed by one of the largest auditing groups in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, companies that use project management strategies to complete projects see a much higher success rate than companies that don't establish clear goals. He currently serves Johnson & Johnson's Medical Device and Diagnostic division as the Senior Global IT Project Executive    in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Before being made Senior Global IT Project, Program, and Portfolio Executive   in 2007 in the Medical Device and Diagnostic division, Jason Paul Charvat was hired by Johnson & Johnson in 2003 as the Senior Program Manager in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was responsible for managing projects concerning infrastructure and application development. He had a 92 percent success rate completing projects on time and within their allotted budgets. He also conducted all project auditing, governance, and solution delivery project management training. Jason Paul Charvat resource managed 15 IT Project, Program, and Portfolio Executive  s, including associates and contractors, on over 100 information technology projects. He delivered service management using offshore vendors, SAP projects nine months ahead of schedule, an anti-spam solution to 120,000 business users that eliminated 90 percent of all spam, deployed a Siebel CRM solution for 6,500 field sales representatives across North America, and he relocated 155 contractors and 600 staff within 12 weeks into a renovated, rewired campus. His work was recognized with the company's Crown of Excellence Award.

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