Friday, 6 February 2015

Jason Paul Charvat, Medical Devices

Jason Paul Charvat is the Senior Global IT Project, Program, and Portfolio Executive at Johnson and Johnson Corporation in the city of Jacksonville, Florida.  He is based in the Medical Device and Diagnostic division, where he heads up a number of projects and has done so since he assumed his position in the company in 2007.  He oversees projects using advanced project management strategies in order to ensure that projects meet specific time and budget requirements. His accomplishments include a 95 percent success rate being both on time and on budget for over one hundred and thirty five projects to date. 
Jason Paul Charvat received his Bachelor's degree in information systems management at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  He also achieved an associate degree at that same institution. He started working for Johnson and John in 2003.  Prior to coming to Jacksonville, he held the position of Senior Program Manager in New Brunswick, New Jersey from 2003 to 2007.    

Charvat’ record of success is exemplary, and one that bears note.  Information technology projects are known for their many complex pieces and furthermore known to exceed budget and time.  Hardware, personnel, licenses, and other expenditures can affect the timing and cost of any given project at any given time, so it is important to coordinate, plan, and survey a project as it is being executed.  That is where Charvat shines, where as an IT Project Executive, he utilizes his skills and knowledge to clearly tremendous results.   Charvat has achieved these accomplishments at a rate that few in the industry could imagine approaching. 

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